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Chapter two

Band: Royz.
Characters: Subaru, Koudai, Kuina and mentions of others.
Main pairing: Subaru x Koudai.
Sub-pairings: Subaru x Kuina, Subaru x Tomoya, Subaru x Kazuki.

Rating: NC-17.
Genre/type: Canon, adultfic, erotica, PWP-fic.
Warnings: Yaoi/homosexuality/slash, NC17, lemon/explicit sex, sexual situations, consensual, serious PWP, WAFF/fluff.

Information about Subaru here.
Information about Koudai here.
Information about Royz here and here.
'Just another Sunday Morning' archive page here.

Relative time in play: Anytime within the last six months or so.
Relations: Not related to any other plays of mine.

Subaru had often woken up in bed with either Kuina or Tomoya after a drunken night, and once or twice with Kazuki too, but he had never tried waking up with Koudai at his side before. They had of course fooled around many times in the past, both on and off stage, but this was different indeed. It probably should have felt weird, then, but it didn’t. It definitely didn’t…

And besides, they had obviously had sex the night before, and Koudai was lying wrapped around him now, naked skin flushed against naked skin, so any lines and limitations of friendship between them were long ago blurred and forgotten anyway, right? So, what was the use of suddenly feeling shy or embarrassed anyway? Why not take advantage of the situation, and have that beautiful body once more before reality came knocking?


OBS: This is not written in some alternative universe where everyone's gay and it's just the way of the world. This is supposed to be one-hundred percent realistic, and, though I never write bands to have more than one, maybe two gays members... well, I figured the gayest band in the world (which they totally are!<3) would be allowed to break the rule and have a full cast. Yes, I truly believe one of the criteria for joining Royz in the first place is to be as gay as the day is long... XD


The kiss was slower this time, softer, and yet equally passionate and affecting; Subaru returned it eagerly, snaking his impish tongue into the hot cavern of Koudai’s mouth as soon as he was granted access. He didn’t even notice the stale taste of alcohol still tainting both their tongues, didn’t care to as the pink twins danced sensually around each other; touching, teasing and exploring.

God... Meanwhile his narrow hips rolled all on their own, to the pace of the deepening kiss, sensually sliding their groins together in the most pleasurable, almost bruising collisions of slowly building desire and anticipation, of such forbidden passion between friends.

The heated kiss deepened and deepened until their lungs were aching, all but screaming in the pit of their chests for fresh oxygen, and yet they had barely broken apart again before Subaru’s plump, silver-threaded lips were right back on Koudai’s; hardly giving either of them a chance to catch their breaths before a new kiss caught on.

This time however, the beautiful vocalist didn’t deepen the touch as before, but broke away after only a few moments of heated contact and tongues lapping; he moved to trail his plump lips down one side of smooth, rosy cheeks then, instead, as he pressed a line of butterfly kisses along the other man’s rounded jaw.

Koudai was an absolutely amazing kisser, and Subaru knew he could get completely caught up in kissing him if he allowed himself to be; so caught up he wouldn’t want to stop again, not for anything -- which was also why the beautiful bassist, on stage, only got chaste, innocent kisses from him, whereas Kuina got (all but) full-fledged, drawn-out make-out sessions…

Subaru could indulge himself now though – and God knew he was going to –, but first he wanted to elicit more of those heavenly baritone moans which he had never been privy to before, but now found to be more stupidly arousing and amazing than he had ever thought possible.


As he pressed his kiss-swollen lips to one side of Koudai’s neck, to the hollowness just beneath his jaw, Subaru recognized the mixture of faint scents of sweat and sex on the ivory skin. It was extremely sexy, the mere notion of it, and the corners of his full lips curled up into a devious smile as he took a second to savor it, to just breathe in the lingering scents before moving to suck on a reddish remnant from the previous night’s encounter.


Such marks, lovebites and the likes, were pain-pleasure buttons, tender to even the softest of touches, and he didn’t have to suck very hard on it to get the most amazing reactions from the crimson-haired man; Koudai whimpered loudly, almost before he was touched, in a sensual half-moaning-half-gasping kind of way, and those slender fingers instantly tightened in Subaru’s sensitive hair, at once pulling him away while at the same time pressing him closer; urging him on in the most maddeningly arousing of ways.

God, Koudai really was sensitive, wasn’t he? Subaru sucked greedily on the crimson mark, spurred on by the heady moans of pained pleasure rustling off the other man’s rosy lips, and the notion that he was only adding to its color for everyone to see. He even teasingly grazed his pearly teeth against the wounded skin every now and then too, though he never bit down; he would later, of course, but not just yet.

For now Subaru just wanted to tease him a little, pleasure him a little, and Koudai’s moans were so amazing, so arousing they already had his own cock building steadily between pretty thighs, pulsating and slowly swelling from nothing but the sounds of them; the moist, needy baritone of desperate desire and equally building arousal.

They even rivaled Kuina’s moans, and that was saying a lot.

“We really didn’t go slow last night…” the beautiful vocalist whispered in an afterthought when he finally released the marred skin again, licking over it once, twice, almost apologetic of the dark hue it had now taken. Then he cocked his head back up so he could look down into the other man’s insanely dark eyes again, his heart leaping in desire at the mere thought, the mere prospect.

“- Did we?” Subaru smiled warmly when he met onyx pools swimming with equal parts emotions and desire, a warm happiness radiating off those angelic features as Koudai already looked sensually ravished and mussed, even just from the first touch of pleasure.

“No… you were very…” The corners of the crimson-haired bassist’s kiss-swollen lips tugged up into a dirty smirk as he thought on it for a moment, obviously teasing him by pretending to look for the right word, as were it hard to find. “Enthusiastic…

… Enthusiastic?

“Is that good or bad?” Subaru laughed softly, questioningly raising one delicate eyebrow higher than the other. From the way the other man said it though; from the way he breathed the word so seductively, it seemed a good thing indeed - but how would he know for sure though, if he didn’t ask, not remembering anything and all of that?

“Oh, it was good,” the beautiful redhead chuckled softly then, reassuringly, and he reached up, lightly clawing his long, decorative nails down Subaru’s flat chest in a way that instantly made him shudder and moan, the soft pain easily as good as any pleasure, “Definitely good~”

With a low growl of arousal (and maybe a little relief, too), the beautiful vocalist lowered himself down unto the other man again in the next moment, and he snapped his hips to once again bruise their groins together, making them both gasp out in sensual unison. God…

Well, I always knew you had a hidden masochistic streak, so I’m not surprised…” Subaru teased in a dark whisper, hazel brown eyes glinting playfully as he pressed a soft kiss to Koudai’s smooth chin, deliberately resting a little more of his superior weight down upon him this time.

Not all lovers enjoyed having their bodies marked to such an extent after all, as Koudai apparently had.

“A hidden masochistic streak? – Huh… I think you’re confusing me with Kuina, Subaru…” the androgynous redhead laughed softly in reply, his sculpted hands moving to Subaru’s back instead as sharp nails instantly ran over the new patch of creamy skin there, too, to draw him closer, and Koudai tilted his head back in the same moment, invitingly arching and baring his neck once again.

It seemed the crimson-haired had a liking for that; the intimacy of clawing someone closer, and from the way the touches stung on his fair skin - more so than they normally would -, Subaru recognized his back had to be marred with similar marks from the night before; red, angry stripes probably running all over the entire curve of his back and shoulders…

God, it was a really sexy thought; how heated everything must have been the night before for them to get there like that, to be so deep he could even feel them today too, and he couldn’t wait to study them in the mirror later. Why couldn’t he remember last night? It must have been so good…

“I don’t think Kuina’s masochistic streak’s hidden from anyone, Kou…” Subaru snickered with a wry smirk as he ignored the obvious request to move back down to the exposed skin, as he instead just kept pressing light kisses to the beautiful man’s chin; he was secretly reveling in the way Koudai writhed and shivered under him after all, whenever he thought he would finally move on but then didn’t, and he wasn’t ready to give that up just yet. Not now that he finally got to see this side of his beautiful friend.

“At least not to anyone with eyes…”

Being half metal, half man, the purple-haired guitarist’s creamy skin was as holed as a crocheted doily, his back scarred with vast amounts of black ink, and the THREE secret piercings he had that only people who shared his bed got to see? – Yes, Kuina was definitely a masochist, in every aspect of the word, and, even if you didn’t have first-hand intimate knowledge of his desire to be fucked good and hard (like Subaru had); to be held down and pinned up, you could still recognize as much just from looking at him. The beautiful little slut was a freak, and he flaunted it proudly for the whole world to see.

Koudai laughed cutely at that, pursing his full lips in an equally wry smirk. “Okay, you might be right about that…” he admitted with onyx eyes dancing with amusement, though a second later they narrowed as the corners of his lips tugged downwards into a sultry pout when Subaru once again didn’t move on. “Stop teasing me,” he demanded with mock-annoyance, nails clawing just a tad harder over the beautiful vocalist’s prominent shoulder blades, probably leaving behind thin lines sensually rimmed with ruby blood.

“Oh, and impatient too, huh?” Subaru laughed, stifling the shudder that threatened to rustle through his small body at the burning (yet definitely pleasurable) pain of the sharp nails marring his back, etching a trail over his sensitive skin. He stubbornly stayed put all the same though, and he couldn't stop a wide, childish smile of happiness from spreading to his lips as he once again noted how he so thoroughly enjoyed toying with his beautiful friend like this. “Two qualities I definitely like in a lover.”

Any notion of any of this being weird or awkward was definitely long gone, as had it never even been there in the first place. Even with their naked bodies still entangled, half-hard arousal pressed against half-hard arousal, this felt comfortable and right, and as easy and fun as always between them. This was exactly the reason why Subaru loved sleeping with his friends; because it felt better, and more right, than it ever would with a stranger.

“Oh, we’re lovers now, are we?” Koudai retorted playfully, the cute pout staying on his kiss-swollen lips even when it was quite clear that the puppy-dog happy smile on Subaru’s lips had him melting a little, just a little, like it always would. No one could resist his blinding toothpaste smile after all, neither man nor woman, neither gay nor straight; he smiled, and the whole world lit up (in a way only surpassed by the smile of Kai of the GazettE).

“Mmmn…” Subaru hummed at the question, and he wrinkled his button nose up cutely as he pretended to think on it for a moment, the snip of his pink tongue darting out to dampen the velvety underside of his plump, silver-threaded lower lip, “We’re best friends,” he stated then, with joyful conviction, as if that was surely the right answer to the question.

If it had been anybody else lying there beneath him just then the beautiful vocalist would have read something more into it - because it was a valid question after all, being in the situation they were currently in -, but he knew it didn’t mean anything when it was Koudai asking. The crimson-haired man was merely teasing him, just as Subaru was teasing him in return, and there was no need to even consider any such implications. They both knew exactly what this was, and what it meant, and they both got exactly what they wanted out of it.

Or… at least they would very soon, once they got back on track and stopped bickering like the old married couple Kazuki so often named them…

“Yes, that we are,” Koudai replied as his childish pout finally turned upside-down, and back into a bright, happy smile instead, and his dark eyes mellowed as he brought his warm, delicate hands forth to cup Subaru’s face, “Very best friends.”

The redhead caressed his slightly calloused thumbs over Subaru’s soft, rounded cheeks in the sweetest touch then, just smiling warmly up at him for a moment, before the small yet sculpted hands trailed back to fist painfully in the back of his hair in a sudden move. “Now, stop teasing me, Subaru, or I’ll flip you over and fuck you into the mattress instead,” Koudai growled lightly then, and all but yanked the vocalist’s head down in the next second, dominantly guiding him to his long neck in a sensually forceful move.

Subaru gasped at the sudden show of dominance, at the arousing threat and the delicious possibilities of it, though it quickly morphed into a breathy chuckle of pure amusement instead. “Masochistic, impatient and bossy?” he cooed teasingly as he pressed a light kiss to the purple mark he had made only moments earlier, yielding a little to the demand, but only just a little, “Why, you just be careful or I might just fall in love with you, Koudai…”

“Try and I’ll kick your ass,” Koudai laughed softly, cutely, though it was cut off by the way the pulse of the great vein running down the side of his milky neck jumped up against the light press of the beautiful vocalist’s plump lips in the next second. "Aaah..." He tilted his head more back into the pillow then, with a low, sensual sigh, obviously straining to feel a deeper touch, a deeper contact, and his fleshy thighs tightened lightly against the sides of Subaru’s slender body in anticipation of what to come.

Who says I won’t like that?” Subaru teased with a dark smirk as he continued to ghost a light trail of butterfly kisses down the stretch of exposed skin, following the great vein down to the delicate joint between the other man’s neck and shoulder. There were so many fading marks there, spotting the usually unmarred, milky skin in beautiful hues of crimson and violet, and it made him feel happy and proud in the most ingenuous of ways. They were his marks, after all.

“Oh, and I’m the masochist--?”

Koudai had barely finished breathing the should-have-been tease before Subaru suddenly sunk his pearly teeth into the sensitive joint, the taut muscle stretched there, biting down hard and fast. He snapped his hips in the same moment too, to pin the crimson-haired man down with his slightly superior weight, as he finally granted Koudai the touch he seemed to so desire, the touch he had even demanded by force; finally letting the teasing die out as hot and heavy arousal took over minds and bodies once again.


The hurtful touch earned him the most delicious high-pitched gasp from those beautiful lips, and then a string of low, deep moans of mingled pleasure and pain as Koudai’s frail body arched up against him mindlessly. The gorgeous man was writhing and shivering in a mess, from the very first second of heady, pleasurable indecency, and hands and thighs pressed Subaru closer, desperately, to urge him on.

God, Koudai was so sexy… so desperate and so needy in his pain-riddled pleasure…

Subaru continued to hold the fair skin imprisoned between his pearly teeth, unyieldingly, as he sucked and sucked until he was dangerously out of breath himself. It didn’t matter; he didn’t stop until he was absolutely satisfied the mark left there would stay for days (if not weeks), and then he finally released it again, his pink tongue now buzzing almost painfully from the heavy suction.

Wow… Subaru chuckled breathlessly and licked over the clear-cut imprint of teeth now embedded in the reddened skin, almost curiously following the outline of it with the snip of his impish tongue, before he leaned up to press his swollen lips to Koudai’s ear and breathed; “Yeah, I think you are…” in the darkest, most sinfully seductive voice.

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From reading your comment above I realized I've missed out BIG TIME! I've loved Royz from the moment I heard their single [AREA] and love their music yet to be honest I have never viewed any of their vids or watched any of the uploaded concert snippets and now I'm coming to the conclusion that I've been wrong not to do so. I tend to be that way with some bands, it's their music that draws me in and I'm hooked but I don't pay much attention to the vids and such... I think I need to stop doing that :)

Thank you for an absolutely amazing fic and am definitely looking forward to the upcoming chapters. Now I'm going to hurry my bum over to YouTube and start watching xD

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If you're interested, I uploaded their entire discography, videoes and concerts included. The link is at the bottom of the first chapter of this^^

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