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Chapter three

Band: Royz.
Characters: Subaru, Koudai, Kuina and mentions of others.
Main pairing: Subaru x Koudai.
Sub-pairings: Subaru x Kuina, Subaru x Tomoya, Subaru x Kazuki.

Rating: NC-17.
Genre/type: Canon, adultfic, erotica, PWP-fic.
Warnings: Yaoi/homosexuality/slash, NC17, lemon/explicit sex, sexual situations, consensual, serious PWP, WAFF/fluff.

Information about Subaru here.
Information about Koudai here.
Information about Royz here and here.
'Just another Sunday Morning' archive page here.

Relative time in play: Anytime within the last six months or so.
Relations: Not related to any other plays of mine.

Subaru had often woken up in bed with either Kuina or Tomoya after a drunken night, and once or twice with Kazuki too, but he had never tried waking up with Koudai at his side before. They had of course fooled around many times in the past, both on and off stage, but this was different indeed. It probably should have felt weird, then, but it didn’t. It definitely didn’t…

And besides, they had obviously had sex the night before, and Koudai was lying wrapped around him now, naked skin flushed against naked skin, so any lines and limitations of friendship between them were long ago blurred and forgotten anyway, right? So, what was the use of suddenly feeling shy or embarrassed anyway? Why not take advantage of the situation, and have that beautiful body once more before reality came knocking?


OBS: This is not written in some alternative universe where everyone's gay and it's just the way of the world. This is supposed to be one-hundred percent realistic, and, though I never write bands to have more than one, maybe two gays members... well, I figured the gayest band in the world (which they totally are!<3) would be allowed to break the rule and have a full cast. Yes, I truly believe one of the criteria for joining Royz in the first place is to be as gay as the day is long... XD


Koudai gave a low moan when his wounded skin was finally released again, a heavy shudder running through his frail body as he helplessly arched up against Subaru’s warm skin. “Idiot…” he murmured in mock-annoyance at the tease, though it barely came through with the way his breath hitched sensually in his throat in the next second, when the younger man’s kiss-swollen lips pressed against the sensitive shell of his ear.

You are so beautiful, Kou…” Subaru whispered in a honeyed voice then, darting out the pink snip of his tongue to run it over the delicate, unmarred shell, and, though he barely touched it, it still earned him another shiver, and another one of those intoxicating, lascivious moans from pink, pouty lips, “And so sexy…

In spite of the lovely tremor the huskily breathed words earned him, they were still the truth though, and not some arousal-induced revelation; Subaru had always found Koudai exceptionally attractive, from the very first time they had met over three years ago, but, though the beautiful bassist was indeed gay (as they all happened to be within their little band), the crimson-haired man, for some reason, never yielded to any of them.

Koudai never slept with any of them – or never had before now anyway –, in spite of the vast amounts of alcohol and flirtation (and famously HEAVY petting) that filled their everyday lives, their profession and their friendship -- and in spite of the fact that Kuina and Tomoya tried their best, their very best, to seduce him at any given chance. But no, never…

Maybe the beautiful bassist just thought interband affairs were a bad idea (which Subaru could honestly fully appreciate), or maybe he simply wasn’t attracted to any of them… Whatever the reason, before now, before last night, Subaru hadn’t really known for sure, but of course he had wanted the gorgeous redhead as much as the rest of them. Koudai was… extremely beautiful, he was talented and admirably dedicated to everything he did; to their band, their music and their future, and he had… an air of experience about him, somehow, of wisdom.

There might only be five years between them, chronologically, but, for someone of Subaru’s young age, five years were a lot… It was a lot of life experience he didn’t yet have, an appealing maturity he hoped to one day develop for himself, and he found it extremely alluring and sexy in a way completely different from the wanton charms of Kuina and Tomoya, and even the cute one of Kazuki.

The fact that Koudai had seemed unattainable to any of them was probably a big part of it too, in truth, though having him now made Subaru’s desire for him no less ravenous.

And you’re still teasing me…” Koudai whispered exasperatedly as his slender fingers released their tight hold on Subaru’s brown, half-long locks, fists unclenching to thread through them instead, for just a moment. Then he brought his sculpted hands down, pressing lightly at narrow shoulders as he obviously decided to take another approach now, since sensual threats and playful force seemed to get him nowhere with the beautiful youth pinning him down. “Please…

Subaru had to bite his lip when the breathy plea rustled against his own heavily silver-threaded ear, echoing in his mind in the most arousing of ways, and pearly teeth sunk deep into the soft skin of his velvety lower lip as he drew back to look into Koudai’s femininely rounded eyes again. He might be a perpetual tease, but how could he deny a request like that? - He couldn’t; it made his awakening cock twitch in voluptuous desire, in need, and he knew the beautiful bassist felt it too, against his thigh.

“Mmmn, the eldest and yet still the most impatient one…” the beautiful vocalist replied with a warm smile, chocolate brown eyes glinting with radiant happiness, and loving adoration, and he claimed those beautiful lips in another deep, passionate kiss.

Tongues instantly met on the halfway then, at first battling for dominance before they slowed their pace to a soft, intimate dance instead; warm skin slid over warm skin as lips molded deeper and deeper together, and soft, moist moans vibrated against their entwining tongues, passing between them like heated breaths, from one body to the other and then back again, filling their beings.

God, Subaru really couldn’t believe how good it felt to finally kiss Koudai like he had always wanted to; to sink into the moment with him without having to worry about a crowd of screaming fans watching them, and judging them (and cheering them on in the most sinfully perverted of ways~), and without having to worry about anything -or anyone else- in the entire world…

Guide me then.

Subaru’s soft-toned voice was sensually hoarse, breathy, when he finally, reluctantly, broke away from the amazing, toe-tingling kiss. Part of him wanted to stay right there; in that warm, perfect embrace; ravishing those amazing lips until the end of time, but another part of him – a steadily swelling, throbbing part of him – wanted him to move on as much as Koudai obviously did, too. And the last part won, of course, as it always did, and so he slowly began crawling backwards and down then, pressing his silver-threaded, kiss-swollen lips to every inch of ivory skin he came upon on his descent.

You definitely didn’t need any guidance last night…

Whether it was meant as reassurance or a tease it came out as nothing but a breathy whisper; a reverent moan barely audible over the rustling of sheets as Koudai once again threw his head back into the feathery pillow and sighed out deeply, with obvious heartfelt satisfaction of finally getting his wish granted, and his femininely smooth chest arched up in a sensual hitch when impish lips made their way to it.

God, yes…

Those strong, sculpted hands, still resting on Subaru’s narrow shoulders, stayed loose now, unforceful, though the sharp, black-painted nails still cut into Subaru's sensitive skin for every small ray of anticipation-riddled pleasure his teasing touches made light up in the other man - more than providing the guidance he had asked for.


There was nothing sexier than having a vocal lover, both verbally and nonverbally, who would never leave you doubting how good you made him feel; someone who moaned and sighed at every single touch, who writhed and arched for more, for pleasure, and who gasped and whimpered and spoke volumes with his body even when his mind and mouth were overflowing too much for actual, intelligible, words.

And just like Kuina, the crimson-haired bassist did it all in tenfold.

And it was so provocatively sexy it blew his mind - literally blew his mind.


Soon making his way down to a perky, light brown nipple, Subaru wrapped his devious lips around the small nub, at first just suck at it; coaxing the protruding hardness, before he changed to press light, sweet kisses of adoration against it instead, knowing just hot good the contrasts between fast and slow, and hard and sweet, were.


The beautiful vocalist took his time then, meanwhile teasing the neighboring twin nub skillfully between his thumb and index finger, and he reveled in the way Koudai gasped and jolted in pleasure; seemingly at once trying to escape his wicked mouth while at the same time arching up against it, wanting to get closer in the most sensually awkward of ways.

Su… baru…


I… please…

Finally giving into the older man’s mindless pleas for more, for anything and everything, Subaru continued on his questing journey downwards, pressing his kiss-swollen lips over the plane of hard, taut muscles and soft ivory skin of Koudai’s chest and stomach. There was a light tinge of salt to every kiss, to every dirty lick of his tongue; sensuous remnants of the night before, and the mere notion of it made a sea of pleasant goose bumps rise over his fair skin.

Down, down, down; kissing, licking and nipping at every inch of flawless ivory.


The beautiful vocalist stopped when his impish lips finally reached the black line of curly hair, for a moment training his chocolate brown eyes on the quivering skin of the other man’s femininely flat lower abdomen, dark desire curling his smile. This was it; this was the final step before going off the cliff of platonic friendship…

They might have had sex the night before, too, but… since Subaru didn’t remember, to him, this was his first time with this gorgeous man; this beautiful, talented, amazing man…


Subaru looked up at the soft yet contrastingly coherent plea suddenly echoing into the air above him, realizing he must have been caught up in his thoughts for a few moments for Koudai to regain his composure so fully, and he smiled widely when he found the other man now propped up on his elbows; dark, makeup-framed eyes swimming with pleasure meeting his over the plane of quivering, snow white skin.

They looked at each other for a long moment then, communicating without words, before the beautiful vocalist chuckled lightly, and smirked in his trademark way that seemed to say; ‘as if I’m stopping now’. Then he diverted to the side where his devious lips instantly latched onto the crux of Koudai’s hip; onto the sensually prominent hollowness chiseled there.


Fighting down the narrow hips’ heavy tremors of pained pleasure with his small yet deceivingly strong hands, Subaru sucked hard at the sensitive depression, intending to bruise the fair, ivory skin in the same beautiful, colorful hues as the older man’s neck and collarbones; in undeniable marks of his possession, his dominance, however temporary and unjust these might be.


The young vocalist wasn’t usually such an aggressive lover, so possessive and fevered dominant in his ways, but with the way Koudai fell apart beneath his ministrations in beautiful pleasure, with the way he urged him on; trembling and moaning and begging for more with sharp nails sinking further and further into his slender shoulders… how was he supposed to help himself? How was he supposed to not feel like a voracious predator on the prowl, circling in a helpless prey - when said prey was making it so very easy, so irresistible, and so extremely desirable to do so?

Holding it only for a few drawn-out moments, Subaru soon released the soft skin again, his swollen lips prickling almost painfully from the heavy suction as he did so. He licked over wounded skin a few times then, as if trying to ease the new, burning mark rising there, and the deep, moist whimper that echoed out from above his head made his nails sink just a little harder into bony hips, as every fiber of his being leapt in wanton arousal.

Please… God, please…

And then it dawned on him; maybe he was the real prey in this little game, lulled into a false sense of control and dominance by the beautiful man, the predator, who could easily, Subaru knew, play him as well as he played his beloved instrument…?

Huh… The young vocalist chuckled quietly at the curious (and yet insanely arousing) thought as he crawled further down, getting comfortable on the ruffled sheets between pale, parted thighs, and he took a moment to just kiss the warm, fleshy inner side of one of these; merely tasting the skin as slender fingers once again entangled in his brown locks and baritone moans grew just an octave in intensity, in need and desperation of what to come.

Prey or predator, like it mattered anyway… It was all too amazing, too arousing, and just to be there, in this moment with Koudai, he would gladly be either. He would gladly be anything, just to be there now.


Ignoring the moany plea Subaru just smirked wryly and continued to kiss over the warm, quivering skin, reveling in the smoothness of those fleshy, famous thighs; he kissed every inch he could reach before moving to its twin and treating it with the same adoration-filled attention. Slowly, sweetly, his pink tongue danced over the smooth skin, drawing unchaste circles at random, as he reveled in the faded taste of salt and the heady moans it earned him.

The young vocalist could have stayed like that for hours on end, just lavishing attention unto that beautiful body, those beautiful thighs, until Koudai was all but screaming for him, falling apart for him. And yet he couldn’t help but take mercy on his gorgeous friend when the redhead let out a string of low, whimpery moans of exasperation, of need and desperation, and those strong hips buckled against his hands obviously searching for any kind of friction to satisfying his engorged, burning need.

“I really am sorry I don’t remember last night…” Subaru whispered softly then, in an afterthought, and he finally moved up, hovering his lips over the other man’s beautiful cock with a warm smile. Koudai was already half-hard; pale, smooth and moist at the tip, and the beautiful flesh all but rose against his lips when he pressed a firm, warm kiss to it, just below the ridge of the velvety head.

F-fuck…” Koudai breathed at the first touch, and then let out a string of moist, sweet moans when the beautiful vocalist proceeded to place similar kisses, equally firm and warm, down the veined underside of his impressive length before pausing, for a moment, to lick over his balls in the way most men tended to like but few would ask for, “Yes…

The crimson-haired bassist’s femininely flat chest arched up then, off the sheets, and his small hands moved back up to Subaru’s soft, hazel brown locks, entangling in them in search of any kind of steadiness in the midst of his building pleasure, of his total surrender.

God, yes…

The slender fingers weren’t pulling on or forcing him, but merely tugging lightly at the silky strands, slightly calloused fingertips pressing ever so lightly against the back of his head when Subaru finally wrapped his devious lips around the velvety head. At first he just teased the pink snip of his tongue into the sensitive slit, once, twice, before he pushed down; down and down until every last inch of Koudai’s half-hard length was engulfed in the wet, tight heat of his mouth and throat, deliciously hot and heavy against his pink tongue.

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