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Chapter seven / the final chapter

Band: Royz.
Characters: Subaru, Koudai, Kuina and mentions of others.
Main pairing: Subaru x Koudai.
Sub-pairings: Subaru x Kuina, Subaru x Tomoya, Subaru x Kazuki.

Rating: NC-17.
Genre/type: Canon, adultfic, erotica, PWP-fic.
Warnings: Yaoi/homosexuality/slash, NC17, lemon/explicit sex, sexual situations, consensual, serious PWP, WAFF/fluff.

Information about Subaru here.
Information about Koudai here.
Information about Royz here and here.
'Just another Sunday Morning' archive page here.

Relative time in play: Anytime within the last six months or so.
Relations: Not related to any other plays of mine.

Subaru had often woken up in bed with either Kuina or Tomoya after a drunken night, and once or twice with Kazuki too, but he had never tried waking up with Koudai at his side before. They had of course fooled around many times in the past, both on and off stage, but this was different indeed. It probably should have felt weird, then, but it didn’t. It definitely didn’t…

And besides, they had obviously had sex the night before, and Koudai was lying wrapped around him now, naked skin flushed against naked skin, so any lines and limitations of friendship between them were long ago blurred and forgotten anyway, right? So, what was the use of suddenly feeling shy or embarrassed anyway? Why not take advantage of the situation, and have that beautiful body once more before reality came knocking?


OBS: This is not written in some alternative universe where everyone's gay and it's just the way of the world. This is supposed to be one-hundred percent realistic, and, though I never write bands to have more than one, maybe two gays members... well, I figured the gayest band in the world (which they totally are!<3) would be allowed to break the rule and have a full cast. Yes, I truly believe one of the criteria for joining Royz in the first place is to be as gay as the day is long... XD


How long Subaru sat there, flushed up close behind the other man, just panting hard and trembling in his heavenly aftermath with crystal droplets of perspiration dribbling down his fair skin in long, burning lines, he really didn’t know. It could have been seconds, it could have been hours; all he could really focus on was the pleasant way his blood kept coursing hotly through his veins, repeatedly igniting every cell of his being from head to toe, and, contrastingly, the almost lulling feeling of buzzing warmth and pleasure tingling through him in soft, slow waves after the overwhelm of the surpassing carnal peak.

“That was… amazing…” the beautiful youth whispered softly when his ability to form actual words, to utter sounds beyond moans and grunts, and think up actual coherent sentences, slowly returned, and then he swallowed hard, one, twice, trying to steady his erratically heaving chest.

Subaru’s lungs were burning, and his throat was unpleasantly dry and coarse, but everything was still tinted with a soft edge of white pleasure and he barely noticed any of it at all; even the strain in his quaking body, in his hips in particular, fell short compared to the feeling of absolute serenity he felt in that moment, the warmth and happiness of the basest sin known to man.


Koudai let out a soft whimper into the sea of ruffled sheets in the next moment, and those slender, usually so sturdy arms trembled heavily as he finally seemed to find the strength to push himself up just enough to free his face from the black fabric. He didn’t raise himself completely up though, then, but placed his cheek against the mattress instead, as he just continued to pant hard and unevenly, his beautiful face flushed a shade of dark crimson that almost, but only almost, rivaled his hair.

God, Baru…

Subaru smiled lovingly as he stayed there and just let himself come back down to Earth, slowly, just watching the beautiful display of his friend so unraveled before him, so mussed and sensually ravished. God, he was gorgeous…

The young vocalist didn’t take too long though, only a few more moments of panting and once again running his hazel brown eyes hungrily over that stunning backside, that beautiful face and the sea of crimson hair, as he was very much aware of the fact that Koudai was still straining in unfulfilled arousal, still trembling in his pending release and the need to throw himself off the cliff, too. God, he couldn’t wait to witness that…

When Subaru had finally regained enough of his strength -and sanity- to steady his ragged breathing, to calm his racing heart, and to release his almost cramp-like hold on the other man’s narrow hips, he bent forth. He placed a series of sloppy open-mouthed kisses of utter adoration and love over the salt-slicked skin, over the prominent shoulder blades running right beneath it, before he wrapped one slender arm around Koudai’s waist; using the other hand to push against the mattress in the next moment, the young vocalist guided them both up then, slowly, sitting back on his shins with Koudai flushed against his body, on his knees too, sitting on his lap.

Fuck, Kou…” Subaru breathed softly as they found their balance in the new position, and both his arms wrapped around the older man’s slender waist as he hugged him close, as he took a second to just breathe in the perfume of Koudai’s coconutty shampoo and the heavy scents of salt and sex radiating off his ivory skin.

A thin sheen of sweat was smearing between them, like scorching glue, and the young vocalist loved how he could feel every single tremor of the other man’s body like this; every flex of his trim muscles, every hitch of his breath, and every twitch of his arousal between pretty, quivering thighs. “You are by far the sexiest man I’ve ever been with…

Koudai laughed at the praise; a cute, breathy laughter, and he leaned his head back a little, caressing the side of it against Subaru’s flushed cheek in the sweetest of ways. “Don’t tell Kuina that…” he warned softly, amusement dancing in his hoarse baritone voice as he laced his arms over the pair wrapped around his waist, squeezing them tightly, “Or he’ll rip your heart right out…”

This time it was Subaru who laughed out in amusement (and possibly a little fear too). “You’re right about that,” he agreed in the most girlish of chuckles, his thin arms tightened just a little further around that taut, slender waist as he just enjoyed the feeling of Koudai in his arms; naked skin flushed against naked skin, and the blissful satisfaction of going soft inside such a perfect, amazing body. He wouldn’t mind staying there forever, feeling such warmth and happiness and ---

Please, Baru…” the crimson-haired bassist whispered softly a few moments later though, breaking the young vocalist’s train of cotton-candy thoughts, and he pressed lightly at the arms locked around his waist, obviously mentioning towards his still-burning need.

Oh, right… Subaru chuckled at himself, at his own mindlessness, and instantly complied, releasing one arm from its protective hold around the slender body flushed so intimately against him. He moved his hand down then, to let his fingertips dance over one of the fleshy, perspiration-slicked thighs he so adored, though, when it instantly earned him an exasperated whimper of pained impatience, he took mercy on his beautiful friend and finally moved on.


Koudai gasped out heatedly when long, slender fingers finally wrapped around his throbbing cock, and Subaru couldn’t help but gasp out right alongside of him, in pure and utter amazement when he found the older man to –surprisingly- be as hard and leaking as he had been before, too, the beautiful flesh engorged and burning beneath his fingertips, with precum sheathing it in a thin sheen of natural lubricant.

God, Kou…

Most lovers would lose size and hardness if they weren’t touched for a while, in spite of how much they might enjoy being taken and teased, but Koudai definitely hadn’t; every vein riddling the velvety skin was pulsating madly, twitching against his soft palm and fingertips when he instantly started stroking up and down, hard and fast, and salty precum kept beading at the slit whenever he flicked his thumb over it at random, smearing it over the swollen, reddened head in sensual, intimate touches. Again and again, up and down, hard, fast, stroking, jerking, smearing precum; the small hotel room once again filling with the thick resonances of sex and sin.


God… yes…

Oh, God… yes…

It took mere minutes for Subaru to once again bring Koudai to the very brink of his sanity, and the older man was soon trembling in his arms all over again, shivering and writhing, black-painted nails sinking mindlessly into the arm wrapped around his waist as he tipped his head back and just gave himself completely up for the unadulterated pleasure.



The muscles of the redhead’s taut abdomen were flexing madly against Subaru’s forearm, in the most sensual of ways, every tremor of pleasure felt there long before it was realized in a deep, moist moan from swollen cherry lips. It was… so sexy the young vocalist felt himself twitch against the deep, against the soft, smooth walls of heat, even in his aftermath and exhaustion.

Come for me,” Subaru crooned sensually against the back of Koudai’s unmarred ear, arching his neck to tease the pink snip of his tongue over it in the briefest of seconds (which wasn’t easy after all, with the height the older man had on him). “Come for me, Kou.” Then his plump, silver-threaded lips were right back on the back of the older man’s shoulder, pressing hard, firm kisses against the salt-slicked skin, tongue darting out to draw random patterns.



Stroking and stroking; long, slender fingers slipping over rock hard skin with the most sensual sound of wetness and speed; coaxing, jerking, all but demanding the pending release that was so close they could both taste it; so fast and hard his arm instantly began aching, his joints creaking, but Subaru didn’t care; the bout of heavy twitches it earned him in the older man’s body, those amazing moans, and the way Koudai writhed in his lap and tightened around his softening cock at random, in jolts of lascivious pleasure… it was worth it. It was worth everything, all the strain and exhaustion, just to be there, just to be the cause of this…



When those moist, delicious moans intensified even further, and got breathier and deeper, Subaru suddenly pushed up a bit, flexing his hips in a soft thrust, rocking into the wonderful heat still wrapped around him. It caused a shudder to run through his oversensitized body, the pleasure and tightness almost cruel in his aftermath, around his softened flesh, but he barely noticed at all, as it instantly tore a headier moan from those gorgeous lips when he brushed Koudai’s prostate head on.


Rocking his hips again and again up against the delicious heat, angling every movement to brush against the other man’s pleasure center over and over and over again, Subaru tightened his dexterous fingers around the weeping flesh, stroking it harder and faster still.




Fuck, fuck, fuck…

Again and again and again, stroking and rocking, relentlessly, until Koudai suddenly jolted with a deep keening sound of utter despair and surrender and finally came undone with the most beautiful series of desperate moans and whimpers Subaru had ever heard in his entire life; thick, burning ribbons of white salt lacing over his hand and the sea of ruffled black sheets in front of them.


Subaru’s heart overflowed as he fought with all his might to hold unto the other man, to hold him in his arms, protectively; to shield his fall from grace as Koudai tumbled over the cliff and into the abyss of carnal pleasure that he could still taste himself, on the very tip of his pink tongue.


Oh… God…

The beautiful youth wished he could have seen the older man’s angelic face just then; those beautiful features distorted in such utmost pleasure, such basest of reliefs, but feeling it against his body, in his arms, between his fingers, that was definitely amazing too. In fact, it was so amazing Subaru even let a few honeyed moans rustle off his own swollen lips too, as he milked the crimson-haired bassist dry of every last droplet of white, fingers shifting to slip up and down the hard, twitching flesh in long, slow strokes instead.


Koudai whimpered sensually when he finally seemed to come back down to Earth several moments later, his voice slurred in blissful pleasure and lascivious indecency, and he tilted his head to the side, resting it against Subaru’s burning forehead.

That was… amazing… Baru… so amazing…

The sharp nails which had cut deep into Subaru’s forearm finally retracted, probably leaving bloody half-moons behind, but it didn’t matter; one arm wrapped around his again then, squeezing it sweetly, while the warm hand of the other moved down to lace over the small vocalist’s still-working one, silently guiding his movements to stop.

Warm, slender fingers wrapped softly around his as Subaru complied, and stopped, and they sat like that for the longest of moments, the only sounds now filling the small room being the deep pants still leaving the older man, and the muffled sounds of two heartbeats, both elevated in pleasure, though one of course slightly more than the other.

God, this was perfect… Just perfect…

“Is it weird, not remembering anything at all about last night?” the gorgeous redhead asked then, when his breathing had finally returned somewhat to normal, and he chuckled quietly as he caressed his head back against Subaru’s face in the most adorable way (since it was the only gesture of intimacy they could really offer each other in this position), “I mean, it’s a little weird for me, and I remember everything… I can’t imagine what it must feel like for you...”

The beautiful youth laughed softly at the rather random question, and he turned his head and nuzzled his button nose into the mess of coconut-scented hair, before he slowly started untangling himself from the other man’s warm embrace. As much as he wanted to, they really couldn’t stay like that forever…

“It was in the beginning, yes,” Subaru agreed as he released his hand and arm from around Koudai’s straining body, and he guided the other man forth then, to once again rest on his knees and hands on the sheets, before he carefully slipped out of him, a loving smile painting his painfully swollen lips at the half-strangled whimper rustling off the other man’s cherry lips – one that was clearly as much from the loss of him inside as it was from actual pain. “But not anymore.”

Sitting back on his shins again Subaru quickly rolled off the filled condom, and tied it off to keep his white seeds from spilling out, and then he bowled it up and threw it carelessly over his shoulder, probably missing the wastebasket by miles. “Stay there for a second,” he bid softly then, warmly, as he caressed his unsoiled hand over the lower part of the other man’s sweaty back lovingly, just above the fleshy curve of crimson-bruised ass globes, before crawling off the bed.

“I don’t believe we change who we are when we’re drunk. I don’t believe alcohol makes us someone else, or makes us do things we would have never done otherwise. I merely believe we get… a little freer, perhaps, to do what we normally want to do, but keep ourselves from doing for whatever reason,” the young vocalist elaborated then, as he dawdled over the floor (God, his legs were wobbly and weak!), to the bedside table, and he took a handful of the soft tissues from the box there, and quickly dried off his cum-soiled hand as best he could.

The soiled wad was carelessly discarded on the floor then, as he took a new handful and went over to clean over Koudai’s backside, wiping away the sticky lubricant that was trickling from his entrance in crystal droplets, carefully and methodically until the worst was gone.

They would of course need to take a proper shower soon, but for now, with the way the older man’s fleshy limbs were shaking in strain just from holding himself up like that, Subaru could easily recognize that it would have to wait until they had at least rested for a little while. Getting up again then, he took a new handful of soft tissues, wiping off first his own and then Koudai’s cock, before he decided it would have to do for now.

“Which means,” the beautiful youth chuckled softly as he helped Koudai to stand so he could pull the soiled sheets off the small bed quickly and carelessly, dumping them on the floor too, “If I sleep with someone, it’s because I want to sleep with them, sober as well as drunk, and I own that in the morning.”

“Yeah?” Koudai questioned softly as he stood there, on the floor, trembling lightly as he fought to hold himself up while Subaru bustled around, clearing the bed, and he gave him a teasing oh-so-you-wanted-to-sleep-with-me-before-did-you smirk when he finally turned around and their eyes met.

“Yeah...” Subaru laughed softly in agreement, returning the smirk with an of-course-I-did one of his own, and then, though he knew he should really let the older man lie down again, he couldn’t help but step up close to him and wrap his arms around him again, just hugging that gorgeous body close.

Koudai just looked too beautiful to be ignored, too ravished and lasciviously bruised, and, if either of them had had the energy for it just then, Subaru would have loved to throw him up against the nearest wall and fuck him all over again…

Tiptoeing against the seven centimeters height difference between them, he whispered; “And I kissed you because I’ve been wanting to kiss you for a long time,” against those swollen, reddened lips, before he claimed them in a deep, passionate kiss that instantly took his breath away, and made him tingle all over again.

God, he would never get enough of kissing him…

Koudai returned the kiss eagerly, those deceivingly muscular arms moving up to wrap around his neck, and Subaru parted his lips for the pink, impish tongue that came prodding moments later, welcoming it into his mouth with equal fervor. He lapped at it, caressed against it, and a sensual shiver ran through his smaller body when the pink snip flickered up to lick over the roof of his mouth before finally retracting.

You have?” Koudai laughed breathily, in a half-tease when they finally broke apart, both panting softly again, and then he let himself be guided back down on the bed, crawling in to lie up against the wall so there was room for Subaru to join him – it was a single person hotel bed after all, barely big enough for one person to sleep in, and definitely not two.

“Yes, I have. Since the day we met,” Subaru confessed without hesitation or shyness, seeing no reason for any such after everything they had just done together, and he reached down and picked up the soft woolen quilt that had fluttered to the floor earlier, draping it over both their still-heated bodies as he crawled onto the bed too.

“I only regret not remembering finally doing it…” This time he was the one to lie down in Koudai’s arms instead, one slender arm and leg draped over that gorgeous body which taste he still had in his mouth, on his fuzzy tongue, and he pressed a series of sweet kisses to the other man’s smooth chin and rounded jaw. “But I definitely won’t forget this time.”

The crimson-haired bassist chuckled quietly at that, insanely black pools looking into hazel brown ones for a long moment, and then he shrugged lightly as he began to draw random, slow patterns over Subaru’s arm and bicep with a long, slender finger.

“Mmmn... well, if you did, I guess I’d just have to remind you again…” Koudai stated rather nonchalantly a few moments later, though the dark glint in his rounded eyes told a different story altogether, and he couldn’t fight the wry smile from forming on his cherry lips for too long either, one eyebrow cocking up teasingly.

“Oh, really?” Subaru asked in delighted surprise, his swollen lips tugging apart in an iceberg-melting bright smile, just for a moment, before it reduced to a sultry-sexy smirk instead. “Well, then I think I’ve already forgotten…” he breathed sensually, chocolate eyes half-lidded as he instantly cocked his head down to suckle lightly on one of the blackening marks on Koudai’s neck, just to make the other man whimper out in that arousing pained pleasure -- and that was just what he did, in the sensual baritone Subaru was quickly becoming addicted to, his entire body shivering at the touch~

“- Just kidding,” the beautiful youth laughed then, freely and happily, eyes dancing with joy and happiness as he moved back up a second later to press a sweet, almost-but-not-quite apologetic kiss to the other man’s smooth, still-flushed cheek, “But I will definitely have forgotten by tomorrow… maybe even tonight…” he added slyly, with a cheeky smirk.

You’re such an idiot…” Koudai groused exasperatedly, rolling his eyes in mock-annoyance in the split second before he turned his head and caught Subaru’s lips in a deep, hard kiss that easily trumped the tease, and this time the beautiful vocalist was the one to moan out and shiver in need at all the heartwarming promises of future pleasure and sin that pink tongue brought with it as it snaked into his mouth.

Oh, yes, he would definitely have forgotten come nightfall…

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Sooo, this was the end of Subaru and Koudai’s little PWP Sunday morning encounter~ <3

However, seeing as these two turned out waaaaay too perfect for each other (much more than I had first anticipated >o<), I really want to give them more of a (more plot-filled) story, so I’ve already started writing a ‘could-be ending'/sequel~ You can find it
here (^o^)/

Now, I won’t call it an actual ending to this, since I advertised it as a PWP story - and I want to let it continue to be that for those of you who are satisfied with it as purely PWP ^^; The could-be ending is for those of you however, who, like me, really ship these two and want to see them act on the deeper feelings that are clearly present between them…~ xD

Ooooh, and –without spoiling– I can reveal that there will be
a little naked-Kuina action in the ‘could-be ending’-fic too! A little Subaru-and-Kuina naked action xD ~
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