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Chapter one

Bands: Alice Nine.
Characters: Shou, Hiroto, and an unnamed host.
Main pairing: Shou x Hiroto, Shou x Hiroto x host.

Rating: NC-17.
Genre/type: Canon, adultfic, erotica, (long) vignette, PWP/Porn Without Plot.
Warnings: Yaoi/homosexuality/slash, NC17, lemon/explicit sex, sexual situations, [mature theme] double penetration, m/m/m, consensual, WAFF/fluff/PWP, light BDSM (blindfolding only).

Information about Shou here.
Information about Hiroto here.

Information about Alice Nine here.
Information about Japanese hosts here and here.

'Heaven Bound' archive page here.

Relative time in play: Unspecified. Could be anytime within the last couple of years.
Relations: Not related to any other plays of mine.

He shuddered against the warmth and pressure of their beautiful bodies against his then, as they sandwiching him between them and shared a deep kiss over his shoulder, and, though he couldn’t see the kiss for the blindfolds drawn over his almond eyes, he could feel it, hear it, and it made his body twitch and ache in want and need.

Yes, he wanted them…

Yes, he would be theirs…

Theirs to kiss…

To take…

To fuck…


Author's note:

In case any of you are a little thrown by the fact that no one's mentioned by name in this:
I actually don’t want it to be too obvious who the two Jrockers in this story are supposed to be; I want it to be kind of a free pairing, with two Jrockers who look a lot alike, so that’s why I chose Shou and Hiroto; both blonde, both sexy as hell, and both so alike in almost everything…^^;

I do hope however, as the pairing's revealed by the story description, that it quickly becomes obvious who’s who by the small clues (of their heights, voices, touches etc.)…?

Also, about the host; again I wanted to leave him unnamed, because I thought it suited the theme of the story; I really like when it's left up to the reader's imagination to fill in the blanks about a character.


He shuddered ever so slightly as the silk blinds were tied over his almond eyes, circling around his head, and the world became nothing but a sea of utter blackness. He took a deep breath to steady himself then, to calm his racing heart when a knot was tied behind his head, though he had barely exhaled before his lips were claimed by another pair, a pair so soft and plump they could easily have been mistaken for a woman’s. He gasped softly then, against the kiss, and the other man took full advantage of it, pushing a little more against him to part his lips further with those beautifully plump ones of his own. It was only a second later that a soft, wet tongue snaked into his mouth and sought out his own alike, caressing against it sensually.


Two hands, small and warm, trailed up over his flat chest then, just sliding over the fabric of his shirt in the lightest touch, up over his neck and up to cup his cheeks as the kiss unfolded, and he couldn’t help but notice how the warm tips of the fingers were slightly calloused, almost like a musician’s. He didn’t think much of it though, the callousness, didn’t have the mind to just then as the kiss deepened and deepened until he was sure they would soon melt into one if it didn’t break.

‘I can’t believe it…’

‘My first night and… I end up here…’

He wasn’t sure exactly how he had ended up in the small hotel room, with plump, soft lips moving upon his like that, making him tremble sensually in excitement and anticipation. It wasn’t two hours ago that he had been standing in front of the full-size mirror in his small, dingy one-bedroom apartment at the other end of town, staring at his own reflection disapprovingly, more conscious of his looks then, than he had ever been before…

‘If I had known…’

People had always told him that he was beautiful. Not handsome, no, but beautiful; beautiful like a model, like an actor. It had always just been a fact, a given, and when he had left school and had been allowed to let his hair grow out, to style and dye it and wear any kind of clothes and accessories he wanted, it had only become that much more apparent. Girls fawned over him everywhere he went, no matter what he wore, and he could get almost any man he wanted, even the occasional straight ones that came his way.

He had been blessed, and he knew it.

‘I never saw this coming though…’

Another pair of hands, equally small but even softer, warmer, and with no calluses at the tips, touched against his sides then, playing gently with the hem of his shirt before lifting it up, just a little, and he half-sighed-half-whimpered into the insanely hot kiss when they touched the tight skin stretching out over his prominent hip bones. The fingers caressed the unmarred, marble skin then, almost as if trying to memorize it by the touch alone, sliding up and down tantalizingly slowly in a way that had him aching for more almost instantly.

‘I can’t…’


“Don’t be greedy, baby. We have all night,” the man behind him whispered over his shoulder in the next moment, in the most sensual, most sultry-sexy voice he had ever heard in his entire life, and he quivered at the promise of those words even if they weren’t directed at him; they were a softly whispered warning to the beautiful man who was kissing him so toe-tingling deeply, and it wasn’t until then that he realized that he was actually beginning to feel lightheaded from lack of oxygen.

‘All night…’

He gasped softly when the smaller of the two men drew away from him almost abruptly then, abidingly, and, though he was left panting and trembling now, in the wake of the insanely deep touch, he also didn’t want it to stop. His lungs were burning in his chest, aching with every shallow breath he drew, and he could hear the man in front of him pant in much the same fashion, could feel his warm breath continuously cascade against his prickling lips now that they had broken apart.


He instantly wanted to push forth and claim those amazing lips again, but the hands on his hips held him back sensually forcefully, controlling him completely in his newfound blindness.

‘I don’t even know their names…’

He had moved away from home, into his own small apartment two towns over, when he had enrolled into the university about six months earlier. It had been a dream come true for him; to live on his own and support himself - though he quickly learned that such dreams were expensive indeed. Though he had been working part time throughout most of his teenage years, every day after school, and had saved up a pretty penny by the end of it, he had still run out of funds ridiculously quickly after moving. And now, living in the big city with millions and millions of other people, there were no part-time jobs to be found anywhere…

He had been desperate.

‘And now I’m here…’

“He tastes like strawberries,” the man in front of him stated then, when he had stopped panting too, and the small hands released his cheeks in the next moment and trailed down, taking hold of his shoulders instead. He was guided around on the spot then, slowly, sweetly, and, though the blackness before his eyes were the same as seconds earlier, the contours of the man now facing him, and the scent of his breath, weren’t. “Taste him. You’ll love it.” the blonde behind him bid then, in a voice that, though it wasn’t as melodious and sensual as older, taller lover’s who was now in front of him, was definitely both enticing and husky in its own right.

His lips were claimed again then, in a firmer, more demanding touch, by slightly less plump, but equally soft, lips.


‘They’re so alike I don’t even think I would be able to tell them apart now, could I see them…’

‘They’re both more beautiful than any man I’ve ever seen before…’

Just when he had been about ready to call it quits and move back home, when he had been ready to admit defeat and go back to work at his father’s hardware store – something he had sworn to himself he’d never do - a young man had approached him on the street, out of nowhere. This man was by no means as beautiful as he was himself, but he had a charmingly bright smile, beautiful hair and flashy, stylish clothes – and a lot of expensive jewelry. He had introduced himself as a host from a nearby host club and, after a few shallow - but much appreciated - compliments of his beauty, the beautiful stranger had begun explaining the life and trade of a host. A host... Being from a rural area he had only heard tales of these men before, these hosts who got paid to entertain women, but he had never actually thought they truly existed…

And yet there one was now, trying to entice him to join them, to become one of them…

The young host didn’t have to try very hard though; he had said yes almost immediately, right after he had been told how he could possibly earn thousands and thousands of yen a night, from nothing more than drinking and chatting up women. Although he was also warned, between the lines of what he was told, about the downsides of such a career, he hadn’t cared. He had desperately needed the money, as he was living off his very last dime by then, and he was only a few days away from being willing to do anything to be able to pay rent and buy food...

‘They told me I didn’t need to sleep with my ‘dates’…’

‘That I could decide on my own how far I wanted to take it…’

‘But how could I say no to these two?’

‘How could I say no when they wanted me?’

‘Of all the hosts at the club… when they wanted me?’

The new kiss deepened in much the same way as the previous one had, instantly making him feel pliant and weak to his knees against it, and he moaned ever so softly as he melted into the taller man’s stronger embrace.

‘I can’t believe they wanted me…’

‘These two who could have had anybody…’

‘They wanted me…’


Though he was too caught up in the pleasure of the demanding kiss, and the two sets of hands sliding up and down his body meanwhile, exploring him in almost perfect unison, his senses were already beginning to heighten from the blindfolds. It felt like every nerve ending of his body was on high alert, like every touch was enhanced and etching a path on his skin, and he could hear the breathing of the man behind him clear as day, however soft and quiet it was now, in a way that made him almost able to picture him standing there, pushed in against his back, hands roaming his sides...

‘It feels like a dream…’

“You’re right, baby,” the taller, slightly older man whispered in a honey voice as the deep kiss finally broke moments later, leaving him as aching and panting in its wake as the one before it had too, and he leaned in to momentarily rest against the strong body holding him up; and two pairs of arms wrapped around him then, engulfing him, supporting him almost instinctively, without ever being told to.

‘They must have done this before…’

‘They’re too good at it…’

‘Too good…’

“He does taste like strawberries...” the voice breathed on then, teasingly, against the shell of his ear in the most sensually husky tone he had ever heard in his entire life, and he knew, even before he felt the weight shift against his backside too, that the two men would lean in and kiss over his shoulder in the next moment, and they did.

‘Of course they have done this before…’

‘They made it so easy for me to say yes…’

‘They hadn’t even asked, and I had already said yes…’

He shuddered against the warmth and pressure of their beautiful bodies against his then, as they sandwiching him between them, and, though he couldn’t see the kiss for the blindfolds drawn over his almond eyes, he could feel it, hear it, and it made his body twitch and ache in want and need.

‘Yes, I wanted them…’

‘Yes, I would be theirs…’

‘Theirs to kiss…’

‘To take…’

‘To fuck…’

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First: please see the Author's Note at the top of the page, in case you missed it

Second: I know this is veeeery different from what I usually write - I would never ever have dreamt of writing a threesome before (because I actually don't find them all that sexy...) - but... I just had to write out this story when the idea came to me... o(*゚ ▽゚ *)o


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