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Chapter one

Band: Royz.
Characters: Subaru, Koudai, Kuina and mentions of others.
Main pairing: Subaru x Koudai.
Sub-pairings: Subaru x Kuina, Subaru x Tomoya, Subaru x Kazuki.

Rating: NC-17.
Genre/type: Canon, adultfic, erotica, PWP-fic.
Warnings: Yaoi/homosexuality/slash, NC17, lemon/explicit sex, sexual situations, consensual, serious PWP, WAFF/fluff.

Information about Subaru here.
Information about Koudai here.
Information about Royz here and here.
'Just another Sunday Morning' archive page here.

Relative time in play: Anytime within the last six months or so.
Relations: Not related to any other plays of mine.

Subaru had often woken up in bed with either Kuina or Tomoya after a drunken night, and once or twice with Kazuki too, but he had never tried waking up with Koudai at his side before. They had of course fooled around many times in the past, both on and off stage, but this was different indeed. It probably should have felt weird, then, but it didn’t. It definitely didn’t…

And besides, they had obviously had sex the night before, and Koudai was lying wrapped around him now, naked skin flushed against naked skin, so any lines and limitations of friendship between them were long ago blurred and forgotten anyway, right? So, what was the use of suddenly feeling shy or embarrassed anyway? Why not take advantage of the situation, and have that beautiful body once more before reality came knocking?


OBS: This is not written in some alternative universe where everyone's gay and it's just the way of the world. This is supposed to be one-hundred percent realistic, and, though I never write bands to have more than one, maybe two gays members... well, I figured the gayest band in the world (which they totally are!<3) would be allowed to break the rule and have a full cast. Yes, I truly believe one of the criteria for joining Royz in the first place is to be as gay as the day is long... XD


That said, I know this is going to seem unrealistically easy, such uncomplicated sex between two best friends (which I personally don’t even believe in myself^^;), but it’s supposed to be like that. After bitching for ages about the lack of Royz fanfics out there a friend and I decided to write some for ourselves… xD

It goes like this; we challenged each other to write a one-shot kind of story within three hours (though I’ve divided mine into chapters because it became way too long for a one-shot), with no other background than the title ‘Just another Sunday Morning’ and the fact that it had to be a Royz pairing. Although Subaru x Kazuki is my OTP (and maybe Subaru x Kuina), for this kind of easy, lazy Sunday morning sex I chose Subaru and Koudai~ <3

… Oh, and, btw., if any Jrockers were going to have random sex within their band like this (and outside it too~), it would definitely be the Royz boys (and their counterpart band Kiryu), just FYI XD …


Subaru groaned in utter childish annoyance when he was no longer able to deny the warm sunlight lazily streaming into the small hotel room from behind the half-closed blinds, and the air of the confined space felt almost uncomfortably thick and heavy with every breath as he finally forced himself to wake up completely. Dammit...

He squinted his hazel brown eyes at the wooden ceiling then, waiting for it to come into focus as the pleasant blur of sleep slowly cleared from his vision, and his button nose wrinkled up cutely once his mind kicked into gear too. His tongue was fuzzy, still tainted with the distinct taste of tequila, salt and lemon, and he couldn’t for the life of him remember how he had made it back to his hotel room, to his bed, the night before. Or… even anything of the night before, actually…

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