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Chapter one

Bands: the GazettE.
Characters: Aoi, Uruha and mentions of others.
Rating: NC-17.
Genre/type: Canon, adultfic, songfic, vignette.
Warnings: Yaoi/homosexuality/slash, NC17/lemon/explicit sex, [mature theme] sadomasochism/BDSM, sexual situations, consensual, angst, (hurt/comfort).

Information about Aoi here.
Information about Uruha here.
Information about the Gazette here.
'Somebody's Me' archive page here.

Relative time in play: Unspecified. Could be any time within the last couple of years.
Relations: Not related to any other plays of mine.

‘He always comes back to me…’ the black-haired guitarist thought as they stood so close the contours of their bodies seemed to melt together, as their chest heaved against each other’s and their lips were so close they practically touched, so close they shared one warm breath between them. Aoi’s onyx eyes crossed cutely then, as he looked up into Uruha’s hazel brown pools in what seemed an endless second, and his heart raced away inside his chest as he let himself drown in them, as he let himself drown in the other man’s presence.

‘Every time some silly girl sets him free…’


Author's note:
Aoi’s real name is ‘Yuu’ (城山優) and Uruha’s is ‘Kouyou’ (高島 宏陽). I normally prefer to use the stage names of my characters but, well, Aoi and Uruha are special to me, and I will use their real names as an indicator of intimacy between them (because, in Japan, it’s very intimate to use someone’s name without the expected honorific to create distance between people – and even more so to use a shortening of the name, like ‘Kou’ for Kouyou etc.)

This story is build around one of my favourite songs – ‘Somebody’s Me’ by Enrique Iglesias.


Aoi swore under his breath as he fumbled with the plastic buttons of the shirt he had just thrown on. The doorbell rang again, loudly and insistently, for the fifth time within the last minute alone, and he finally gave up on the last two buttons down by his waist as he hurriedly made his way to the front door of his small apartment. He unlocked it without even checking the peephole to see who was standing outside chiming him down like there were no tomorrow, and with his long, black hair fashionably in disarray, wearing a pair of loose, barely-held-up-by-the-elastic-band-around-his-waist slacks and a button-down shirt which was only buttoned down to just above his navel, the black-haired guitarist finally opened the wooden door.

“Took you long enough,” Uruha grinned in greeting when they suddenly stood face to face, and he seemed endlessly amused by the way Aoi was flushed and slightly out of breath, his clothes ruffled and half undone as if he had just been doing something a lot more fun and invigorating than lying half-naked on his couch, having his own leisurable movie-marathon. “Am I interrupting something?” the gorgeous blonde asked then with a sly smirk and he winked teasingly at Aoi.


Oh, shut up!” the black-haired guitarist chuckled bashfully as he shook his head lightly, and his annoyance at having been disturbed on his precious day off was suddenly forgotten at the sight of the other, more angelically beautiful guitarist of the GazettE. He bit down on his own plump lower lip then, the snip of his pink tongue instantly, mindlessly, playing the metal ring pierced through it.

‘He always thinks I’m with someone…’


‘Even though I haven’t been in years…’

“Ne, I’m just teasing you…” Uruha shrugged softly and he held up the six-pack of beer in his hand, showing it to Aoi while at the same time tilting his head and smiling cutely as if he needed to bribe his way past him, “Can I come in?”

‘Does he even have to ask?’

‘As if I’d ever say no to him…’

“Hmmn…” Aoi pursed his full lips playfully then, and made a theatrically thoughtful expression; his onyx eyes narrowing and his nose wrinkling up cutely as he pretended to study the beers held up in front of his face. “Yes,” he said in a conclusive voice after a few moments, as if he had just made up his mind after weighing out the pros and cons with great consideration, “- Since you bought my favourite brand of beer this time, I guess you can come in.”

Uruha laughed at that and smirked at Aoi, handing over the six-pack before he pushed past him and entered the small Tokyo-apartment. The honey-blonde man stopped right past the doorstep then, and bent down to undo his fashionable military boots, and for a second Aoi just stared at his hunched back, the beers painfully cold against the skin of his warm hands though he didn’t even notice. Then he pushed around again and closed the door with an inaudible sigh. It had been… months… since Uruha had last come by like this…

‘I see him every day at work but…’

‘Still I feel like I never see him…’

‘Like I always miss him…’

‘Even when he’s right there in the room with me…’

“I just put on the new Transformers movie, if you wanna watch it with me?” Aoi called over his shoulder as he then dawdled past Uruha and into the kitchen, placing the cold beers on the countertop there. He proceeded to remove two bottles from the cardboard holder, but before he could turn around and place the rest of the bottles in the fridge two warm, strong arms wrapped around his waist from behind, and a face buried itself against the back of his head, a nose pushing into his long, black hair intimately, sensually.


Aoi’s heart skipped a beat and something inside his chest flared up, instantly making his whole body flush with a familiar heat. He opened his mouth to say something, anything, but no sounds pushed past his famous lips and he found himself just standing there, dumb fooled, rigid, afraid to move – afraid to even breathe – in fear that it might make the other man draw away from him again.

‘He’s holding me…’



‘Maybe I fell asleep…’

‘Maybe the doorbell never ran and I’m still on the couch, dreaming…’

‘That must be it…’

‘I always dream about this…’

I miss you…” Uruha murmured softly against his silky black hair in the next second, his hot breath cascading against the back of Aoi’s neck as he spoke, and the older man couldn’t stop himself from shivering lightly. It was then it occurred to him; this wasn’t a dream. The warm body against his back, the hot breath against his skin and the familiar scent of Uruha as those strong arms embraced his waist… it felt too real to be a dream, too good…


‘But he’s…’

A second later Aoi instinctively closed his eyes in spite of his mind’s bewilderment and leaned back against Uruha’s strong, warm body, his fingers shaking lightly as he brought his hands down to rest against the younger man’s arms which stayed wrapped around his thin waist, holding him loosely, sweetly. “I thought you were with that nurse-girl…?” he whispered softly then, barely able to repress the tone of resentment in his mellow voice at the mention of her.  

‘That’s why he never comes around anymore…’

‘Because of her…’

“You know... I’ve been with ‘that nurse-girl’ for over two years... You should have learned her name by now…” the blonde guitarist chuckled softly and Aoi could easily imagine the wry smirk which was surely tugging on Uruha’s beautiful bow-shaped lips just then, “- But no, I’m not anymore... We broke up two days ago...” he added in a lower, softer tone, and then he nuzzled further in against Aoi, his nose and lips caressing against the back of the older man's head in the most intimate way.


Aoi’s onyx eyes snapped wide open at that. “What? But…” he trailed off as he didn’t know what to say or how to react to the unexpected information, and instead he worried his plump lower lip between his teeth. However much he had resented the girl on principle, she had made Uruha happy, and that had been enough for him; Aoi had never once come off as anything but supportive about their relationship, about her, and he doubted Uruha even knew how he really felt about her, about their relationship and all of it…

“I’m… I’m so sorry…” Aoi whispered then, softly, meaning it too, and he squeezed the younger man’s arms tightly in a comforting touch which was the best he could offer from his current position.
‘I hated her but…’

‘He was happy…’

‘It broke my heart but…’

‘He was happy…’

‘That was all that mattered…’

Of the five of them within the GazettE Uruha had always been the only one who seemed capable of finding love - and he even made juggling relationships and their erratic lives as musicians seem almost amazingly easy, even when they all knew it was anything but. It had taken years but now, finally, even Kai - the hopeless romantic - had given up on looking for love and had decided to focus all of his energy on their livelihood instead… - But not Uruha. Never Uruha… He always had someone; always had some lucky girl waiting for him at home when he was done touring, and it was always serious – always getting-married-and-having-children-and-grandchildren serious – and this time… this time Aoi had feared it might actually have been the one… the one girl who finally got Uruha to settle down and get married…  

‘But now he’s here…’

‘Now he’s holding me…’

I want you…” Uruha whispered then, in a low, dark voice, and his deceivingly strong, muscular arms tightened just a little more around Aoi’s thin waist as he pressed his famous, bow-shaped lips in against the back of the older man’s neck between the strands of thick, black hair. It was the lightest touch, but it was enough to make Aoi tremble, enough to make a wave of anticipation and desire crawl over his skin. “I need you, Yuu…

‘Now he’s here and…’

‘He wants me…’

‘He needs me…’

Aoi pushed at Uruha’s arms then, making him release his hold around him, and he turned around slowly, making them stand chest to chest instead, his taut ass pressed against the marble edge of the countertop as their faces leveled.

‘He always comes back to me…’  the black-haired guitarist thought as they stood so close the contours of their bodies seemed to melt together, as their chest heaved against each other’s and their lips were so close they practically touched, so close they shared one warm breath between them. Aoi’s onyx eyes crossed cutely then, as he looked up into Uruha’s hazel brown pools in what seemed an endless second, his heart racing away inside his chest as he let himself drown in them, as he let himself drown in the other man's presence.

‘Every time some silly girl sets him free…’

“Then take me,” Aoi whispered softly after a few seconds of just standing like that, of just looking into Uruha’s chocolate eyes searchingly, and then he tiptoed up, sliding their lips together for just a second before he darted out his pink tongue to lick over the other man’s plump lower lip teasingly, invitingly, in the way he knew Uruha liked; their lips crushed together in a heated, passionate kiss merely a second later.

‘Oh God, yes…’ Aoi thought breathlessly as they started pushing against each other feverishly, to deepen the kiss further, to get closer, to get more, and his muscular arms instinctively moved up to wrap around the younger man’s neck, ‘I missed him… I missed him so much…’

No sooner had the heated kiss broke before Uruha started nipping and kissing down over Aoi’s smooth cheek, his strong jaw and further down to his sensitive neck and, before the older guitarist could do much more than whimper out in the boiling arousal and desire that flooded his body at the familiar touch, the honey-blonde man sunk his pearly sharp teeth into his milky skin, so deep and hard it instantly bruised a telltale dark reddish that would stay for days to come.


Aaaghnnn…” Aoi gasped meekly as pain waved through him overpoweringly, and yet his arms just tightened around Uruha’s neck as he cradled him closer rather than pushed him away, as he just gave his entire being up for the other man’s taking. It felt good; the pain made his skin crawl pleasantly, and his groin tingle, as it, in his (secret) extreme masochism and submissiveness, contrastingly morphed into pure pleasure instead, making every last one of his nerve-endings vibrate in utter bliss.   


Nothing but white noise of pleasure and pain intermixed went through his mind then, until Uruha finally released his neck again, an impression of every last one of his pearly teeth now embedded in the bruised skin. Then, before Aoi could even regain his breath, the younger man’s hands roamed over his body, exploring, claiming, and, when those strong hands seconds later trailed down over his sides, and moved to grasp under his ass cheeks, Aoi automatically tightened his arms further around Uruha’s neck and let his legs be guided up, eagerly wrapping them around the other man’s narrow waist.

‘Fuck, yes…’

Looking at him you wouldn’t have thought it true but, in spite of his feminine beauty and his long, thin limbs, Uruha was exceedingly strong and sturdy and, though Kai was usually the one who carried Aoi around like that, on stage at least, the young blonde could just as easily carry and manhandle him without the slightest bit of strain. And that's just what he did then, as he continued to bite and nip at the black-haired guitarist’s bruised neck while at the same time carrying him gracefully out of the kitchen and towards the bedroom in which he had been so many times in the past.

‘He always--‘

Aaahnn…” Aoi gasped out heatedly again, as Uruha forcefully pushed him up against the door of his bedroom closet in the next second, making his back crack dangerously at the bruising collision, and his ebony eyes were swimming when the honey-blonde man finally cocked his face back up from his neck. It had been over two years since Aoi had last seen the ferocious black flame that now burned in Uruha’s normally mellow, hazel pools, and had felt the roughness in his touch that no one else but Aoi knew was there, lurking right beneath the surface of the blonde’s bashful, seemingly meek personality…

‘Two years…’

‘Just when I thought…’

‘I’d never get to be with him again…’

'Two years...'

“If you knew how many times I’ve dreamt of this, of you…” Uruha whispered softly then, against his plump, pierced lips, and Aoi could feel the way his famously bow-shaped lips tugged up into a warm smile before he kissed him again. This time the kiss was slower than before, but equally deep and passionate, instantly taking his breath away as their pink tongues met between their lips and danced around each other’s slowly, softly, just tasting and caressing as the touch deepened and deepened.

Two years and… it didn’t matter…

Two years and… the world just melted away…

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A small note:
Some of you might find their sexual roles in this story a little misplaced – Aoi as the submissive and Uruha as the dominant – but that’s one of my personal fetishes; as long as it makes sense (height and weight-wise etc.), I really love when the most feminine, most aesthetically beautiful person (often the youngest too) is the top - like Uruha topping Aoi rather than the traditional pairing of Aoi topping Uruha – and especially pertaining to sadomasochistic relationships~


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