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Chapter one

Bands: Versailles, Sulfuric Acid.
Characters: Kamijo, Hizaki and mentions of others.
Rating: NC-17.
Genre/type: Canon, adultfic, erotica, (semi-long) vignette.
Warnings: Yaoi/homosexuality/slash, NC17, lemon/explicit sex, sexual situations, consensual, WAFF, fluff/romance.

Information about Hizaki here.
Information about Kamijo here.
Information about Versailles here.
'Breathlessly' archive page here.

Relative time in play: Just before Versailles, while Hizaki was still in Sulfuric Acid.
Relations: Not related to any other plays of mine.

Summary: They moved as one, slowly, their chests touching against each other’s, their faces so close they seemed to share one breath between them. Right then it didn’t matter that Hizaki’s body definitely didn’t feel like a woman’s beneath his fingers; those eyes, so big, framed in thick blackness, had him drowning...


Author's note:

This story was translated into Spanish by one of my readers (I'm so honoured!) :D If you speak Spanish, and would be interested in reading a translation, you can find it here~~


Kamijo zigzagged gracefully right past the small crowds of people standing huddled together throughout the entire room making it impossible to walk in a straight line from one end to the other.

There were fewer people there tonight though, than had been a few days ago when he had last visited this scene, and it pleased him. Being what he was Kamijo was used to big crowds of people - mostly people who had their full attention fixated on him and his every move -, but in his personal life he was a much more private person who actually valued his solitude above all else. He praised himself lucky whenever he could go out and didn’t get recognized, something which naturally became proportionally rarer and rarer as he got more and more famous.

Tonight however, the heads turned his way seemed to be a result of his stunning looks, and not his stardom.
It, of course, made him walk with his head held just a little higher.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” Kamijo said out of courtesy as he sat down in the booth across from the gorgeous blonde who in return just smiled sweetly at him and shrugged those unnaturally narrow shoulders of his. In actuality he wasn’t late though, but even early; he had been told 9 PM, and it was now 8.48 PM.

“I’m just glad you came at all,” was the soft reply he got as he snaked off his thin jacket, and then untangled the black scarf fashionably wrapped around his neck. When he looked up another sweet smile greeted him.

“I am too,” Kamijo replied, and he found himself surprised at the sincerity of his words. He hadn’t been sure how he had felt about this unfamiliar situation he was setting himself up for, but it turned out the bubbling sensation in his stomach was not one of apprehension or uncertainty as he would have surely thought. He was actually feeling… excited.

A little nervous too, but mostly excited.
Hizaki smiled in a way that seemed to suggest he too was surprised at that answer. Although… the beautiful blonde seemed like the type of person who had enough faith in himself, and his beauty, to believe he could turn a straight man gay with nothing more than a whimsical smile of those glossy lips, and a bat of those thick, fake eyelashes.

'Turns out it’s true too...' Kamijo thought to himself and chuckled.

“How did the concert go?” he asked after a few seconds of complete silence between them where they just seemed to look at each other and weight each other out, both silently going over the risks of what they were doing and damning the consequences. The lines had already been crossed the second Kamijo had actually accepted the other man’s offer and had come to meet him there in the darkened club where no one and everyone could see them.

All that was left was the act.

“Favorably,” Hizaki replied with a light head nod which was the embodying act of Japanese humbleness, and he played sensually with the cutesy charm attached by a strap to his cell phone. His slender fingers were extended by highly decorative, impossibly long fingernails, and how Hizaki could do anything with those attached to his fingers was beyond him.

“It might have been the biggest crowd we have ever played for. I believe we’re finally making headway towards making a name of ourselves,” the small blonde continued with a sated happiness in his soft voice that Kamijo recognized all too well; it was the soft note of accomplishment which would only grow in intensity the closer you came to fulfilling your dreams.

Kamijo had already come exceedingly close to that goal, but Hizaki was just starting out in the music business; he still had years of mandatory grunt work before him before he would reach Kamijo’s level of renown, years before he would reach the tenure and security Kamijo already had, and yet, sitting there across from him in a beautiful black dress which surely no woman could wear better, Hizaki seemed to be his equal.

He was so emotionally secure it both scared and attracted Kamijo all at once.

“I regret I couldn’t come and see you this time too,” the lesser feminine man said courtly then, though there was true regret behind his words. The only reason why they sat there together now after all, had been a chance meeting after Hizaki’s band’s last concert, when their manager had introduced them to each other in the hopes that Kamijo could somehow help his clients advance faster.
Kamijo scouted new talent, yes, but Hizaki’s band was already going places and he wasn’t going to interfere since they obviously didn’t need his help or expertise. Still, even after he had made his intentions clear to them - much to the disappointment of the manager -, the band had invited him out for drinks to celebrate the rather successful concert they had just held. A concert he had attended and enjoyed.

Truthfully, Kamijo had wanted to pass since he had had an early morning appointment the following day, but the vocalist had turned out to be quite eloquent, and persistent, and he had ended up going with them in spite of himself.

However, in the end, he had turned out talking solely to Hizaki throughout the whole night, rather than the vocalist who was also gay - or at least extremely gender confused; Kamijo wasn’t sure which – and who seemed to have been quite offended at first when Hizaki had wooed him away like that. Later however, after washing back four or five beers in their company, the underdressed man had wandered off into one of the crowds on the dance floor and they hadn’t seen him again.
Kamijo had been quite relieved.

I was thinking of you,” Hizaki said, or rather whispered, his hazelnutty brown eyes dancing in the dimmed light, “Of you, here, wondering if I would see you here tonight.

His words, his sensually hushed voice, made Kamijo shiver lightly.

‘He knows just what to say...’

Hizaki’s sexuality was so underplayed beneath the Victorian virginity he seemed to carry himself with, beneath the luxuriant dresses and the stunning makeup which magically only made him seem even more innocent when really they should have done anything but, and it made him that much more enticing.
He was the first man Kamijo had ever coveted.

“I was thinking of you too,” Kamijo admitted softly, and he moved a hand up to lie upon the table between them, his fingertips reaching just over the middle of it. He smiled warmly then, as Hizaki released the cell phone charm in the next moment and reached in, placing his smaller hand in Kamijo’s, accepting the touch offered to him without apprehension.

His fingers were slender and pale, decorated with jewels and paint, but still clearly not those of a woman.
Kamijo didn’t mind.

“So, Kamijo, tell me, what do you normally do on dates?”

Hizaki’s voice was soft as feathers, but the devious smile gracing his perfectly outlined lips told another story altogether. It was also clearly intentional that he dropped the expected honorific after Kamijo’s name which would have created appropriate distance between them. It only seemed right. Soon there wouldn’t be any distance at all between them…

Kamijo chuckled quietly at the question and shook his head softly, his eyes fixated on their joined hands upon the table, the first real touch of their skins against each other’s.

It suddenly hit him how strange this encounter really was; how he had agreed to meet there, how he had agreed to the date - not only with another man, but with someone whom he barely knew, had barely talked to. Someone he didn’t even know the touch of…

‘It doesn’t feel wrong though, holding his hand…’ he thought to himself.
“I don’t have a specific routine for dates but… if the girl is up for it, I almost always take her dancing,” Kamijo replied softly as he raised his eyes from their hands to look at Hizaki’s gentle face. The other man was wearing an exceed amount of makeup and Kamijo wondered briefly if Hizaki was the kind of person who would never leave his home without being completely dolled up and perfect, not even to go grocery shopping. It seemed quite plausible it was so...

Hizaki didn’t flinch at the fact that he said ‘the girl’.

“I’m not a very good dancer, truth be told, but I like to dance and I like to hold people close. It’s the easiest way I’ve found to determine if it feels right to be with someone, if it feels right to hold them. If dancing with someone feels wrong, there’s a fairly big chance making love to them won’t feel right either.”

Kamijo had never danced with another man before though…

“I never thought of it like that,” Hizaki agreed softly before he finally redrew his hand from Kamijo’s. He lifted the glass in front of him and sipped the grape liquid delicately, with appreciation, and for a moment Kamijo feared he might have made him feel bad, but the alluring smile stayed on Hizaki’s lip-gloss glistening lips all the same.

“Do you want to leave here? Go somewhere else?” Hizaki asked softly then, as he sat down the glass again a moment later, and he innocently bit down on his lower lip, mimicking a shy, sweet girl, though the way his hazel eyes danced seemed to negate the act completely.

Dancing wasn’t the only thing they could do to test their connection after all.

“Sure,” Kamijo chuckled softly and reached for his scarf, wrapping it around his neck again before he guided on the stylish jacket he had bought just the day before, for this very occasion. He then stood up and reached out his hand, offering it to Hizaki, and when the smaller man took it he gallantly helped him to stand.

They stood like that for just a moment, so endlessly close, just holding hands as their eyes locked on each other’s.

No, dancing definitely wasn’t the only thing...

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And the sexyness begins.... Yum yum nice job now to read chapter two!

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hmm.. this should be interesting. I know someone who uses Kamijo as a muse for forums and I'm curious how her muse will compare to your Kamijo. And it's always fun to watch a straight man struggle with being attracted to a man. How will he handle the mechanics of such different body parts? I'm sure he'll be quite confident all the way up until Hizaki is nude and he has a raging hard-on pointed in Kamijo's direction. Will he dare to try oral? Or will he expect Hizaki to do that, and then just lay back like a good hole in the mattress? We shall have to see.


Date: 2013-02-02 05:22 pm (UTC)
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hello!!! I loved your fic. This is the longest lemon I've ever read and I really loved it!!!
Now, I have a question for you. May I translate this masterpiece into spanish and publish it? Of course letting everybody know that the work isn't mine but yours and with a link that leads them here to your original work?

Re: Question

Date: 2013-02-02 05:51 pm (UTC)
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Oh, thank you so much, I'm very happy you liked it! :3 And yes, I know it's quite long (though it's actually one of the shortest lemons I've written so far~ XD), but I'm glad you liked it because of that, too<3

And I've never had such a proposal before, so I'm veru honoured^^ Where were you thinking of publishing it? - But yes, you're more than welcome to do that :3 As long as you credit me, I'll be happy<3 (Though I would of course also like a link once you're done, so I can see the translation for myself, and if you could translate any comments it might get for me, that would make me very very happy too :3)

Thank you again, so much<3

Re: Question

Date: 2013-02-02 11:25 pm (UTC)
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OMG!!! Thank you very much. I'm gonna start translating right away! And of course I'll give you a link when I upload it. I'm so happy!!! :D
I know people will love it the same way I loved it. ♥

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I'm sorry for the extremely late reply, but thank you so much :D I'm so happy to know you like my fics that much<3 I will put the link at the top of this page, advertising it, so that people reading this will know that they can read a translation if they want<33 Again, thank you for the sweet gesture~ <3 :D

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Take a look!!!!

Re: Question

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Thank you so much<3 My Spanish is extremely poor, but I seem to be able to read most of it :D

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I already love this story! *runs off to read the rest*

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You're welcome!


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